Welcome to Rucker Media Group Publishing presents The Relationship Cookbook. The Relationship Cookbook is a book of perspectives that uses the analogy of cooking and eating as a metaphor to teach the reader how to create sexy, stunning & successful relationships. The Relationship Cookbook is Now available exclusively online on this site as well as on the sites of all major booksellers. Its available in paperback and hardcover.  For publisher, distributor, and publicist information please go to our Media Information page.

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20.95 Paperback

29.95 Hardcover



What people are saying:

"Relationship Cookbook…didactically paradigm shifts ones way of thinking towards a more harmonic union with ones mate."
-Bruce George, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam

"...Ingenious concept. You're taking Dr. Phil"s job for sure!"
-Samona, Director of Cocoa Singles

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